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Tip of the week 2/17/17

How to Create a Journal in Canvas?

Canvas does not have a dedicated Journal tool like the one that was available in Blackboard. However, it is possible to use Canvas tools to provide students with a place to submit their writings or reflections at various points throughout the semester.

  • Using Assignment tool. Create an assignment that allows multiple-submissions (one submission per journal entry). Students will re-submit the assignment as many times as needed. The instructor can grade and comment on each submission in Speed Grader. NOTE: All graded submissions for the multiple-attempt assignment will be saved and all grades and comments will be recorded in the grade book, but only one grade (for the last submission) will be counted toward the final grade. If you want to assign a separate grade column for each journal entry, create a separate assignment per journal entry.

    If you never used Canvas Assignments, watch the video at

  • Using Group Discussion. Create groups with only one student in each group. Then create a graded group Discussion for each journal entry. Each student will have an access to his private Discussions. Only the student and instructor can access those discussions.

    Watch two great video clips from Instructure, explaining how to create Journals using Discussions:

    1. Click on the link to watch video or copy/paste it into browser:

    2. Click on the link to watch a more detailed video from the English instructor of The South Seattle College: