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Current News & Events

CSI Junior Theater Camp 6/18/2018
Time: 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM


June 18 20, 2018

This three-day afternoon camp, a companion to the regular CSI Theatre Camp, is designed to introduce younger students (ages 6 through 9) to the world of theatre. No experience required! Junior campers will get a behind the scenes tour of the CSI Fine Arts Center and learn the basics of what goes into a play -who does what, stage direction, how to express your emotions through performing, face painting, stage voice and movement, fun with costumes, as well as preparing a short performance for moms and dads.

Cost of the camp is $60. The camp will run from 1 5 p.m. Monday Wednesday, June 19 21. the last day of camp at 5:15 (doors open at 4:45) in the CSI Fine Arts Theatre. For more information or to obtain a registration form for the camp, call 732-6288 or e-mail

Camille Barigar   732-6288
CSI Community Education
Fine Arts Theater
Charges and Fees will Apply