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Current News & Events

Mid-semester Math classes available 11/12/2012

Two Math classes and a Study Methods class will start soon. MATH 015 - this is a 3-credit pre-algebra class that can equip you with the skills necessary to be successful in MATH 025, Beginning Algebra. The instructor is Lynn Irons. This class runs Nov. 12 - Jan 4  (Nov. 12 is a holiday, remember)

MATH 025 is a 3-credit Beginning Algebra class that equips you with the basic algebra skills to MATH 123 or MATH 108. The instructors are Kevin Jones or Theresa Pham. Class runs Nov. 12 - Jan. 4

STUS 101 - College Study Methods. This is a 2-credit class designed to develop the study methods of college students. The class runs Dec. 10 to Jan. 4 and the instructor is Kat Powell.

Please contact the CSI Academic Development Center at 732-6527 for more information.

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