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Critical Thinking and Argumentation 1/16/2018

Students, as you finish up this semester and work toward the planning for next semester, be aware of a SIGNIFICANT CHANGE to the general education options at CSI. In the past, COMM 101 was the only option available to students to meet the Oral Communication general education requirement. However, that has changed! CSI is now offering COMM 209 (Critical Thinking and Argumentation) as a course that can meet the Oral Communication general education requirement.  This means that for spring semester 2018 MOST majors at CSI will accept COMM 101 OR COMM 209 to meet the general education requirement (for a complete list of those majors that will or will not accept COMM 209, please contact your advisor or Tiffany Seeley-Case).

Please consider this your invitation to try COMM 209! Critical thinking skills are sought after by hiring professionals in all areas of employment and COMM 209 is great class to work on those skills. Further, it’s a fun class! This is what other students have to say about COMM 209:

“This course has been one of the best I have ever taken at CSI. It is taught at a higher level. It is very entertaining and informative. I have thoroughly enjoyed this class.” 

“This is an excellent course. This course should be a required course for everybody. Taking this course and learning about the different types of argumentation and what makes them work or not work has given me the ability to tell the good from the bull puckey. It doesn't matter whether it is a claim made by a politician, advertising, or science everyone should be able to take that claim apart and know why it does or doesn't work.”

“This has honestly been one of my favorite classes I have ever taken in or out of college. The content of the course has been extremely and easily applicable in my everyday life making me more thoughtful of what I am doing throughout the day and more importantly why I am doing those things. I especially liked our in depth look at ideological stand points and logical fallacies. The way that the class is structured is not traditional by any means, but for the subject matter, which is in and of itself not traditional, it is a very effective way to help the students internalize the principles of correct argumentation.”

“Easily one of the best college courses that I've had the opportunity to take, in nearly all aspects! It is the ideal course for actual learning and application in higher education. This class has influenced me and helped me to become a significantly better critical thinker and I'm and EXTREMELY thankful for the opportunity I had to take it! I learned SO much!”

COMM 209 is offered MWF 10:00-10:50 and T/TH 8:00-9:15 in the spring semester and we’d love to see you there! Feel free to contact Tiffany Seeley-Case with any questions you might have about the class or registration.

Tiffany Seeley-Case   208-732-6779
CSI Communication Department
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