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CSI Announces Launch of New Web Services 12/6/2017

After 15 months of intense planning and preparation, the College of Southern Idaho will launch several new web services on January 2, 2018. The new services include a redesigned public website, student portal, and employee portal. Students, faculty, and staff will also receive access to a suite of new software applications via Microsoft Office 365. These new services aim to help drive student success, simplify and protect access to online information, enhance campus collaboration, and increase operational efficiencies. 

According to Kevin Mark, CIO at the college, this project represents one part of a multi-year strategy to modernize CSI’s digital architecture by the year 2020. Thus far, CSI has completed several milestones of this strategy, starting with an overhaul of its operations for IT services and support. CSI also made significant improvements to critical IT infrastructure, including rebuilding the campus wireless system which now accommodates 3x the number of connections and covers 70% more geographic area than the previous system.

Mark stated that this latest project will bring much-needed improvements to the online experience. He also noted that while Jan 2 represents a major milestone for CSI, it also starts a massive migration effort to convert more than 10,000 web pages and electronic documents 300 manual forms into automated web workflows from the old website to the new system. 

Mark went on to say that CSI’s public website and current student portal (MyCSI) will be taken offline December 29 – 31 while the new services are brought online. During this scheduled downtime, students will not be able to submit online applications or register for classes and the main website will be inaccessible. 

For additional information about this project, contact CSI Public Information Officer, Kimberlee LaPray, at (208) 732-6299 or submit inquiries to

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