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Student Media Preferences Survey 10/31/2017

In the coming weeks, CSI students will be invited via email to voluntarily participate in a survey that asks questions about media preferences and what students like to do with their time. Questions like “what is your favorite radio station,” “what information do you look for in the newspaper,” and “how often do you go to a coffee house/shop.” will be asked. These types of questions can provide critical information for marketing our college and our programs in a more cost-effective manner. They can also help target recruitment efforts for CSI programs.

The more students who participate, the better information we’ll receive. So, if you are a CSI student please complete the survey. After completing the survey you have a chance to enter a drawing for a $150 Amazon Store gift card.

Some key points about the survey:

It is voluntary

It is anonymous

It takes approximately 20 minutes

Enter to win a $150 Amazon gift card after completing the survey  

This is a wonderful opportunity to gather some very helpful information from our students that will assist with more effective marketing and future planning for our college. Thank you in advance for your participation in these efforts.

To take the survey visit: and use the password: 72917.


Kimberlee LaPray   208-732-6299
Public Information Office
There are no Charges or Fees