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'Back to the Moon for Good' 5/27/2014
Time: 1:00 PM to 1:00 PM

Why did America launch astronauts to the moon in the 1960s and ‘70s and then never go back? Did we learn everything there was to know there or get bored with it? A new program that debuts at the Faulkner Planetarium Tuesday, May 27, ‘Back to the Moon for Good,’ shows why the moon is still a worthy quest.

            Narrated by actor Tim Allen, the program examines mankind’s exploration of the Earth’s constant companion. The show begins with a look back to the heyday of lunar exploration, including the United States’ Apollo missions to the Moon, and then explains why we should go back and the challenges faced in doing so.        The Google Lunar X-PRIZE competition, the largest incentivized prize in history at $30 million, takes center stage as 30 private teams from across the globe compete to be the first to land a probe on the surface of the Moon, travel 500 meters across the lunar surface, and transmit proof in the form of video and data. The first team to accomplish this goal by the end of 2015 will claim the $30 million prize.

            Planetarium manager Rick Greenawald says, “The Moon is once again becoming a hot topic in space exploration. What is often thought of as a desolate and boring place that we know all about is much more than that perception; it’s a destination where science can be done and it has a wealth of natural resources.” Greenawald says the presentation will start with a Faulkner presenter introducing the Moon to the audience and examining some of what the Apollo missions found there, the reasons we stopped going, and why we need to go back.

            “Back to the Moon for Good” will run at 2:30 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays and at 7 p.m. Tuesdays and Saturdays beginning Tuesday, May 27. Admission prices are $6 adults, $5 seniors, and $4 for students, including CSI students with a valid student ID; children under age 2 are admitted free.

            The Faulkner Planetarium is located in the Herrett Center for Arts and Science on the College of Southern Idaho campus in Twin Falls, ID. For more information visit the Herrett Center’s web page at or call (208) 732-6655.

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