Letter from the President - College of Southern Idaho

Monday, November 17, 2014

Dear Friends,

On Friday of last week, the CSI Foundation hosted our first Retiree Luncheon in the Rick Allen Room at the Herrett Center for Arts and Science. There were more than 70 retirees, former staff, faculty, and administrators in attendance, all braving a cold, icy November day to come out to lunch.

As I walked in, I felt thirty years younger. Most all of the faces that greeted me had worked here when I first stepped on CSI’s campus all those years ago. The room was filled with the profound energy that comes from collective goodwill and happiness. These are the people who built this house.

These former employees came to work over the nearly five decades of CSI’s story, giving their full measure and their professional lives in service to this place and the idea that CSI serves the larger good. They spent the vast majority of their waking hours with each other to help students, to enhance our community, to plants seeds for the future. Watching the people at their luncheon tables, visiting, reminiscing, smiling and laughing, I could see they cared for each other still, and after all the years between then and now, they remain what President Meyerhoeffer often called us - family.

Organizations public and private seek a formula for success based on their own definition. It is a broad concept, and for some it is profit margin; for others it may be service to community. In any case, no system can ever truly work well without its people believing in the mission and larger purpose. It occurred to me in this room today that I was witnessing the formula for CSI’s past, present, and future success - committed, passionate, dedicated employees. These living treasures reminded me of how valuable it is to do what we love. We come to work because it matters that we make a difference in our students' lives and for our community. Today’s luncheon was an inspirational celebration and solid reminder of who we are, this CSI family whose work is ongoing and full of hope and great expectation.


President Jeff Fox Jeff Fox

College of Southern Idaho
Office of the President
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