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Monday, November 2, 2015

I have two matters to bring forward today. First, this last weekend at CSI was an amazing and active day. Between Friday and Saturday, I saw students, community members, and families everywhere: being spooked by the Dance Program’s Halloween presentation of Thriller in the Fine Arts Auditorium; cheering the men’s basketball team and enjoying the excellent Pep Band music, Dance Team and cheerleading at the men’s basketball games in the gym; walking among the Halloween events sponsored by many students clubs (my favorites were the pumpkin trebuchet and the candy cannon); and participating in the Great Pumpkin Race. It was a wonderful example of how vital this campus and this college are to our students and our larger community. I am so proud of all our students, staff, and faculty volunteers who spent the weekend in such great service.

Second, I remind all students, faculty, and staff that tomorrow is Election Day. Many important local races are happening all around the state, and our local government affects our lives in immediate ways. There are few more important responsibilities in our democracy than choosing our leaders through voting.

Voting in Idaho is so easy - you can even register on the day you vote! And remember to bring your ID (Student IDs work, too).

To see where you vote visit http://www.idahovotes.gov/AbsenteeBallot/Default.aspx

To see what’s on the ballots in Twin Falls County go here http://www.twinfallscounty.org/files/clerk/election/sample_ballots/Nov.-2015-Sample-ballots1.pdf

Please vote!

President Jeff Fox Jeff Fox

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