American Association for Women in Community Colleges


Nominations will be open until Friday April 6, 2018. There will be eight positions in total; four officers and four committee representatives. Time commitment of position will be until the end of Spring 2019.

To submit a nomination for multiple people and/or multiple positions, please submit the form once for each person/position. Members who are nominated will receive an email or phone call with a request to accept or decline the nomination.

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Nominations are closed.

Duties of Officers:

The duties of the officers of the organization shall be as follows:

A. The President shall:

  1. Serve as the presiding officer of the organization.
  2. Act as the representative of the organization to the public.
  3. Serve as liaison to the national association.
  4. Make appointments if necessary to fill vacancies in offices and on the Executive Committee.
  5. Call special Executive Committee meetings when necessary.
  6. Appoint committees as necessary.

B. The President-Elect shall assist the President and shall:

  1. Preside at meetings in the absence of the President
  2. Perform other duties assigned by the President.
  3. Provide oversight to Standing Committees

C. The Secretary shall:

  1. Record and distribute the minutes for all meetings.
  2. Maintain all organizational records including a current roll of the membership.

D. The Treasurer shall:

  1. Be responsible for the collection of membership dues.
  2. Be responsible for preparation and maintenance of the budget, including an annual report to the membership.
  3. Maintain proper financial records and file an annual financial report with the AAWCC Regional Director and the AAWCC Vice President for Finance.
  4. Verify current membership status for the annual report.

Duties of Committee Representatives (Elevate, Educate, Cooperate, and Celebrate)

  1. Attend Executive Meetings
  2. Assists in facilitating events or activities
  3. Reports to President
  4. Responsible for information circulating within the chapter