Health, Recreation & Fitness :: Over 60 and Getting Fit

Health, Recreation & Fitness

Over 60 and Getting Fit

A FREE college-accredited program sponsored by the College of Southern Idaho

In partnership with the Office on Aging, Filer, Buhl, Shoshone,
ISDB school districts, and the Jerome, Rupert and Hailey Recreation Departments.

This award-winning program emphasizes walking as low-impact cardiovascular movement, streching and resistance training in locations throughout the Magic Valley. It geared to serve older adults with varying levels of functioning abilities during the College of Southern Idaho's Fall and Spring semesters.


  • Improves all aspects of cardiovascular functioning
  • Impacts maintenance of independence in old age
  • Helps preserve and restore flexibility
  • Improves strength, balance and posture

Did you know?

Staying active becomes more important than ever during the second half of life. In fact, what has been considered "normal aging" may have more to do with a sedentary lifestyle than with the aging process. In our ten-week study period, the program participants, regardless of their age, made significant improvements in balance, muscular strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance using established functional measurement standards for older people.

Check out a program near you!

  • CSI Gymnasium
  • Jerome Recreation Center
  • Filer Elementary
  • Buhl Middle School (old gym)
  • Gooding ISDB
  • CSI Burley Outreach Center
  • Rupert Civic Gym
  • Blaine County Campus Gym
  • Hagerman High School
  • Shoshone High School (old gym)

For more information, call CSI at 208-732-6475 or 732-6483.