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Health, Recreation & Fitness

Health, Recreation & Fitness

Department Chair: Jim Dawson
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Gym 249
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The program that promotes career opportunities in physical education and related fields, lifelong fitness, and wellness!
The goal of the Health, Recreation, and Fitness Department is to introduce students to an array of career opportunities in physical education. Careers in the field of physical education include athletic training, exercise science, health promotion, recreation, teaching (K-12 and secondary education), and sport management. The Health, Recreation, and Fitness Department strives to help students successfully transfer to a four-year college or university. Students take courses from the CSI general education core as well as specific program requirements in, Health Promotion, or Physical Education with an emphasis in athletic training, exercise science, outdoor recreation, or sport management.


The Physical Education Program mission is to provide students and community members opportunities for university parallel transfer curriculum, wellness exploration and education, physical skill development, and fitness enrichment in the pursuit of lifelong educational goals. In support of its mission, the Physical Education (PHYE) Program seeks to meet the following goals:

  • To recruit a diverse student population to Physical Education courses and programs.
  • To retain students in Physical Education courses and programs.
  • To provide high quality courses and degrees that parallel Idaho college/university undergraduate curricula.
  • To provide effective fitness enhancement, health education, and involvement for CSI employees and community members.
  • To collaborate with K-12 and college/ university colleagues.
  • To assess the effectiveness of degrees, courses, and teaching methodologies through outcomes assessment.
  • To attract, retain, and support qualified faculty (including adjunct and concurrent enrollment instructors) who are committed to masterful teaching and student success.