Student Disability Services


Specific Accommodation Procedures

Sign Language Interpreting Student Guidelines

Class Schedule:

The Coordinator of Student Disability Services will provide support when planning class schedules if needed.   When possible, students will be encouraged to register for same section classes for any given course.

Use of Interpreting Services:

Student Responsibilities:

  1. The interpreter will position his/herself to be visually accessible and in sight line with the teaching area.
  2. Do not talk or visit with your interpreter(s) during class.  Likewise, the interpreter is not to visit with the student(s) during class.
  3. Do not ask your interpreter to help you with your work.  Talk with your instructor if you do not understand or need help.
  4. If you have a question, address the instructor...not the interpreter.  The interpreter is not to answer questions for the instructor.
  5. Paying attention in class is your responsibility.  If you miss the classroom information, need the information repeated, or need clarification of classroom material, ask the instructor to repeat it, not the interpreter.
  6. You may ask the interpreter for clarification of sign choices pertaining to classroom information.  If difficulty persists in understanding the interpreter (or problems), see the Coordinator of Student Disability Services.
  7. If you are having a problem with any of your classes, instructors, etc., see your advisor or the Coordinator of Student Disability Services.  Do not ask your interpreter for advice or help.

Late to Class:

Your interpreter(s) will wait 10 minutes per hour of class time at the assigned classroom. After that time, the interpreter(s) is free to leave.


  1. If you know in advance that you will not be in class, please let your interpreter(s) know as soon as possible.  If a 24-hour advance notice is not possible, such as sickness or an emergency, contact the interpreter(s) as soon as possible.  If you are unable to contact your interpreter(s), please call the Coordinator of Student Disability Services and leave a message at 732-6260 voice, or 734-9929 TTY.
  2. If you miss 2 classes in a row and do not call:  The interpreter(s) will stop going to that class until you meet with the Coordinator of Disability Services to discuss the situation.  Continued absences may result in your interpreting services being suspended for that class for the remainder of the semester.

Interpreter(s) Assignments:

Lecture Classes: Interpreter(s) will be in class the full time.
Lab Classes: Interpreter(s) will be in class only as needed, during group presentation, instructor conferences, assignment instruction, etc.
P.E. Classes: Student(s) must meet with the Coordinator of Disability Services to schedule classes requiring interpreting services. An interpreter will be provided on an as needed basis.

Interpreting Services: Out-of-class:

To schedule an interpreter for special appointments and/or activities, submit a request to Student Disability Services as soon as you know, preferably at least 48 hours in advance.

Interpreter(s) Absence:

In the event the interpreter(s) is late or absent, it is recommended you remain in class and gather as much information as possible through visual means (chalkboard, overheads, handouts, etc.) You are encouraged to read your notetakerís notes as they are being written or look on with another student and their notes to get class information. When the class is finished please report any interpreterís absence to the Coordinator of Student Disability Services.

We encourage you not to use your pagers, sidekicks, cell phones, etc. in classrooms.

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