Student Disability Services


Specific Accommodation Procedures

Notetaking Services

Notetaking process for students with disabilities.  This must be listed on your Letter of Accommodation in order for you to receive this service.

  • Stop by and ask for a supply notetaking paper from STUDENT DISABILITY SERVICES (SDS), 2ND FLOOR OF THE TAYLOR BLDG., for use in each of your courses.
  • Ask a classmate or ask your instructor to help you secure the aid of a classmate who will use the note paper to take his/her notes each day, passing on to you the copy at the end of each class session.
  • Students who are eligible for notetaking services are often eligible for copies of the instructor’s overheads, outlines and other print materials as well. Making arrangements to obtain these from each instructor could be essential to your success.
  • Return to SDS to obtain more notetaking paper as needed.  We suggest that you do not turn all of your paper supply to your notetaker(s). Student notetakers can miss classes and it will be important to have notetaking paper with you for each class to provide to “subs” as needed.
  • When this process of securing and using notetaking services is not working for you for any reason, please contact the staff in SDS Office to share your concerns.  We will help advocate for you to get this accommodation.