Student Disability Services


Process for Requesting Services:

  1. Fill out the SDS intake form.
    • The form can be accessed by clicking here.
    • Once you submit the form you will be contacted by the SDS Office to schedule an intake appointment.
    • You can submit documentation prior to or at the time of your intake appointment.
  2. Attend the intake appointment with the SDS Coordinator to discuss possible services.
  3. Once the intake appointment has been completed and the SDS Coordinator has reviewed the documentation, you will be notified if you qualify for services or if additional documentation is needed.
  4. If you qualify for services, you will receive a Letter of Accommodation (LOA), which you will share with your instructors.
  5. Each semester you attend CSI you will need to meet with the SDS Coordinator to request a new LOA (any changes to the original accommodations can be requested at this time).