Student Disability Services


Getting Started

Registration Steps

  1. Apply to CSI
  2. Meet with Student Disability Services to Determine Eligibility and Appropriate Accommodations (call 732-6260 to schedule an appointment)
  3. Take the Compass Test
  4. Apply for Financial Aid
  5. Meet with an Academic Advisor

Registering with Student Disability Services

Student Disability Services (SDS) responds to all requests for assistance to accommodate students with disabilities.  Reasonable accommodations are provided on a case-by-case basis. Students are required to meet with an SDS staff member to establish accommodations.  Students wishing to have academic accommodations must provide current documentation of their disability.

In addition to registering with SDS upon application to CSI, you must submit your schedule for each semester, early enough for SDS to arrange accommodations. Below lists the minimum amount of time the SDS program needs to arrange accommodations:

Type of Service   Time Required
Interpreting or Classroom Relocation   Immediately upon registration.
At least six (6) weeks prior to the beginning of the new term.
Testing Accommodations
(Reader, Scribe, Separate Testing Environment, etc)
  Students must complete the Test Accommodation Request form.

Minimum advance notice required for scheduling exams:

Quizzes and Tests - Seven days

Finals - Fourteen days
Laboratory Assistance   Immediately upon registration.
Textbooks in Alternate Format   Immediately upon registration.  At least six (6) weeks prior to the beginning of the new term.
Accessible College Housing   A minimum of two (2) months notice prior to the beginning of the term.