Student Disability Services



Steps to organizing accommodations:

  1. Meet with SDS and provide current documentation from a qualified source. See Documentation Guidelines for requirements and details.
  2. We will provide you with a Letter of Accommodation.
  3. It is your responsibility to meet with your professors to discuss your accommodations and provide a copy of your Letter of Accommodation.  We strongly suggest that you meet during your professors’ office hours or schedule an appointment.
  4. Accommodations begin after you meet with your professor and are not retroactive. It is important to request accommodations as early in the semester as possible. (We strongly encourage students with a diagnosed disability to request their Letter of Accommodation two weeks before the semester begins.)
  5. Students must request accommodations each semester they are required by providing your class schedule and completing a Letter of Accommodation Request Form (available in SDS).
  6. Stay in contact with SDS. Let us know immediately if you feel you need to adjust your accommodations.

Specific Accommodation Procedures: